Seminar Agenda

Application Security & Continuous Delivery

DATE: Thursday 7th July

LOCATION: The Gherkin, Chivas Room 30 St Mary Axe, London. EC3A 8EP Get directions 


8:30 - Buffet Breakfast

9:00 - Welcome
Kevin Bland Director Channel, EMEA, Black Duck Software 

9:10 - The Application Security Continuum: From design to deployment, security must be considered at every stage of the software lifecycle if we are to minimize the risks of embarrassing and expensive failures.
Nick Hutton, 360is

"National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) data has shown that it is 30 times more expensive to fix security flaws in an application post-release, than during the design phase. Others put that number closer to 150x. Regardless, we know that the sooner security flaws are detected the less costly they are to fix. According to the Software Engineering Institute, security should be 15% of your application development budget. If you haven't made that investment, or haven't made it wisely, it is likely there are some serious security problems with your application."

9:40 - Continuous Delivery is the brain behind DevOps
Jason Man, Forest Technologies

Why is Continuous Delivery such an important part of your DevOps journey? We will look at how pipeline visualisation ensures the best possible feedback is provided as quickly as possible.
Furthermore, we'll dig deeper on the approaches to CD with Blue/Green and Canary deploys.

10:15 - Automating Open Source Security in Apps & Containers
Tim Mackey, Technology Evangelist, Black Duck Software Software

Find, fix and monitor open source vulnerabilities before, during and after the development process.
There’s a 98% chance your code base contains unreported and untracked open source. What’s hiding in your code?
Thousands of new open source vulnerabilities are publicly disclosed each year. Which ones affect you?
Open source license violations can result in costly litigation and lost intellectual property. What’s your exposure?

10:45 - 
Conclusion & Wrap Up

Kevin Bland Director Channel, EMEA, Black Duck Software

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